This has been our second largest project to date, with extensive roofing, carpentry and masonry work, all coming together to completely transform this wonderful Highweek property.

The house consists of an 1800's rear dwelling that had a larger extension constructed in the 1900's to the front.

We split the project into two phases; Phase 1 - The newer extension and Phase 2 - The older original dwelling.

We encountered many challenges whilst carrying out this project, including significant carpentry repairs, the removal and reconstruction of two chimneys and some seriously bad weather.

All in all, this was a very suprising project, but altogether incredibly enjoyable. With so many elements on the roof, such as the Lead box gutter or the ornate Sun and Moon slate dormers.

We have replaced every existing item for higher specification and longer lasting materials.

A fantastic project to have completed and another project that we're extremely proud to have carried out.