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Glengariff Gable
Natural Slate

We are extremely passionate about natural slate roofs, it's what we specialise in.
We help you decide on which slate would be best suited for your project, and ensure the desired slate is of the highest quality. Slate is a fantastic natural resourse, with an abundance of character, every slate different to the next.

-Glendyne / Canadian Slate / 75 Year Gty - Image from our Glengariff project.

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Before & After on Our Fernhill Project
Roof Replacement

Replacing your roof will most likely be one of the most important projects to undertake on your property, keeping your home warm and dry, whilst protecting your treasured belongings and keeping your home safe from the elements, for this reason you need to be in the hands of professionals.

-Before & after - Image from our Ferndale project.

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Lead Applications

Lead is an extremely versatile, proven solution for a vast range of applications.

-Lead ridge and valleys - Image from our Terhill project.

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Prefabricated Chimney Flashing
Prefabricated Leadwork

We are able to supply prefab lead products that are ready to install. We offer lead slates, flashing, vents, outlets, trays, valleys and detailed lead flashing.

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-Rich laying some concrete tiles - Image from our Aller project.
Tiled Roofs

Tiled roofing is one of the most popular choices for residential and commercial buildings. A tiled roof is usually made up of concrete or clay tiles and most commonly a cheaper alternative shorter term.

-Rich laying some concrete tiles - Image from our Aller project.

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Fascia's, Soffits & Guttering

Fascia, soffit and gutters play an integral role in keeping your home pest free and dry, they are also a main focal point of any house. Replacing or maintaining your roofline can help to protect your property, preventing damp and water ingress.

- Decorative bargeboard - Image from our Courtenay project.

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Cast Lead Motifs
Cast Lead Motif's

We offer a vast range of embelishments, to give your home character or at that much needed detail. We recycle lead waste by turning it into something special, that will last another lifetime.

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Two New Rustic Brick Chimneys - Terhill Project
Chimney Restoration and Construction

Chimney restoration can involve several processes, from maintenance of the surrounding roof and chimney, to entirely rebuilding the chimney. Rebuilding a chimney is a costly and involved job to have completed, this is why maintenance is so important.

-Two new rustic brick chimneys - Image taken from our Terhill project.

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Ornate Selection
Bespoke Slate Installation

Ornate slate roofing is by far one of the most interesting ways to bring your project to new heights, with an abundance of character, remaining timeless and traditional in it's unique appearance.

- Image Flurry - Taken from various projects.

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Clemence Roofing Ltd - House of Marbles
Alex's 'Boy Throwing Marbles' for House of Marbles
Fresh Guttering at Daymond Dr