Two New Rustic Brick Chimneys - Terhill Project

Chimney Restoration and Construction

Chimney restoration can involve several processes, from maintenance of the surrounding roof and chimney, to entirely rebuilding the chimney.

Rebuilding a chimney is a costly and involved job to have completed, this is why maintenance is so important.

Chimney restoration goes hand in hand with roof restoration, after all the majority of chimneys penetrate a roof covering. We always recommend that considerations are made whilst having your roof completed or repaired, as whilst there is safe access to the roof there will most likely be that to the chimneys.

-Two new rustic brick chimneys - Image taken from our Terhill project.

  • Lead flashing installation / repair

  • Re-pointing

  • Rendering

  • Flaunching to the crown

  • Pot installation / replacement

  • Pot cowl installation

  • Chimney reconstruction