Sweeping Slates

Natural Slate

We are extremely passionate about natural slate roofs, it's what we specialise in.

We help you decide on which slate would be best suited for your project, and ensure the desired slate is of the highest quality. Slate is a fantastic natural resourse, with an abundance of character, every slate different to the next.

Natural Slate roofs have been around for centuries, when installed correctly, can last a lifetime or more! The life-span of your slate roof will also depend on which slate is chosen. For instance, a welsh slate is typically guaranteed for 100 years, where as some lower grade Spanish or Brazilian slate will last around 50 years, more or less, by that logic, when the cost of good slate seems expensive, looking at the life-span can dramatically reduce that cost by half when taking this into consideration.

Obviously, not everybody can finance the replacement of their roof with the best materials, there are however many great alternatives out there with guarantees of 75 years. 

-Glendyne / North American Slate / 75 Year Gty - Image from our St Lawrence project.